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Re: TelePathy

> Sorry. This may sound like a stupid idea because I have not been working on
> Linux very long and I have not yet looked at the source for xwpe at all,
> but...  Should'n't  the path be malloc'ed and grown and shrunck as needed
> by the "File manager" dialog. I am sure there is a reason that it it not,
> but that is what I would do on anything using a path of unknown length. If
> one day I get five minutes I promist I will do my part and take a look at
> that.

As mentioned by Kenn and others, xwpe has a complex and confusing design.
It is often easier to stop the symptom than cure the cause.  There are
some other reasons that static sized variables are nice.

1) No explict memory management.  Since functions in xwpe tend to have a
few returns this is a big plus.  (Yes C++ and other languages don't have
the problem.)
2) How do you know what size to use for the path without getting it first?
In particular getcwd requires you to specify the max size of the result.

Dennis Payne