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Re: Some Thoughs

Most of the time I find the compile window in the way, I resize it and it goes
back to it's start size and position. I thing if was spawned in a new window and
did not take focus that would be a nice feature.

As for font, the big thing for me is I like the font that xwpe uses in X. Most
IDE go with some fancy X font that is to hard to see when it is small. I like
to see as many lines of code as I can on the screen and the "block" "terminal
like" font is the best for me. If people want to be able to change the font
that is OK with me as long as I can still have the font that is being used now.

I have tried many IDE under X and I keep coming back to xwpe because it is
simple and has a raw look to it. I would only ask that some one make the arrow
keys on my number pad work, or some one to tell me how to re-map them.

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