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Some Thoughts

Jiri Biba (BIBAJ@feld.cvut.cz) emailed me with some xwpe comments.

He thinks that when you compile the messages window should be visible but
focus should stay on the source window.  In my mind you would want to be
in the messages window so that you could select the error and jump to the
source file.  Another problem that didn't occur to me until I wrote this
is how do you make sure the message window is visible if the source is
zoomed full screen.  Do people like the current behavior or would perfer
the source window stays in focus.

What about for compile, save and other actions?  Should they default to
the source window if you are in the watch or similar window.  Compiling
is probably not a big deal since if you use projects it defaults to
project anyway I believe.

He also suggested adding in the ability to select between a collection of
fonts under X windows kind of like xterms.  Not sure how to implement it
but it sounds like a good idea.

Just noticed that replace works in the messages, help and other read only
windows as well which isn't good.

Dennis Payne