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Re: customization

> I edited we_edit.c and recompiled, but the changes didn't seem to
> have any effect. :I
I don't know why that would be.  Perhaps another binary was found earlier
in your path.  As a simple check change the version in edit.h that way
when you popup the about box you know whether you're running the modified

> I'd like to have alt-x always exit the entire program (and not alt-f4
> or whatever) and have f9, ctrl-f9 and shift-f9 work like they should
> in the REAL Borland IDE.

What should f9 and crew do?  (I don't have Turbo C easily accessible.)
Alt-f4 is probably the window manager not xwpe.  Unfortunately if the
window manager binds the key there is nothing you can do about it.

> That's the point. The key bingings are no longer truly Borland. At
> least the way alt-x behaves differently in different modes drives me
> nuts. In text editor mode it quits the program like it should, but in
> programming mode it just closes the current window. Grrrr.

What do you mean by programming mode?  When you simply run xwpe or do
you mean when you're debugging a program or something?  Alt-x should
exit if you are editing a file in xwpe or xwe.  Windows such as the
option windows have there own key handlers that don't neccessarily
act properly with alt-x.  Never looked into it myself.

It appears there is a new bug in the latest xwpe.  If the binary is
already built debugging doesn't work.

Dennis Payne