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Re: customization

On Fri, 22 Oct 1999, Dennis Payne wrote:

> Editing the appropriate functions in we_edit.c will change the key
> bindings.  Could you tell me what you want to change?

I edited we_edit.c and recompiled, but the changes didn't seem to
have any effect. :I

I'd like to have alt-x always exit the entire program (and not alt-f4
or whatever) and have f9, ctrl-f9 and shift-f9 work like they should
in the REAL Borland IDE.

> Surprising.  Most people like xwpe because of the Borland style bindings.
> What would you prefer? 

That's the point. The key bingings are no longer truly Borland. At
least the way alt-x behaves differently in different modes drives me
nuts. In text editor mode it quits the program like it should, but in
programming mode it just closes the current window. Grrrr.

> What version of xwpe are you using?  Xwpe has always had seperate X and
> text colors.  In old versions there was a case or two where it would
> only save one and the other would get messed up.

Oops. I haven't been paying attention to recent development. I've
been using the latest versions all along, but I never botherede to
check wether the bug still existed. :)

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