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Re: customization

> How can I change the default key combinations in xwpe? I tried
> editing we_main.c and we_edit.c and then recompiling, but changing
> the code seems to have no effect whatsoever!

Editing the appropriate functions in we_edit.c will change the key
bindings.  Could you tell me what you want to change?  (we-main.c
and we_menue.c has what the menues display but that doesn't affect
the key bindings.

> I like xwpe a lot, but I think the default keys suck.
Surprising.  Most people like xwpe because of the Borland style bindings.
What would you prefer?  (I think I've had one or two requests for an emacs
binding but that's it.)

> Also, there should be a different config file for X and for the text mode.
> Otherwise the colors get screwed. I worked around this by defining a
> different config file and compiling twice.

What version of xwpe are you using?  Xwpe has always had seperate X and
text colors.  In old versions there was a case or two where it would
only save one and the other would get messed up.  This hasn't been
true for a while though.  In the new xwperc files you will see

AutoIndent : 3
er : 15 4
ws : 7
er : 0 7

As you can see the colors for text and X are clearly seperated.

Dennis Payne