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Perl of Wisdom

Armin Voetter <e9426165@student.tuwien.ac.at> sent the following message
unfortunately it bounced since the email address used wasn't the one
he is subscribed with.

Forwarded message:

if u have perl try this:
a little script (dont forget chmod a+x javacXWPE and edit the pathname)
written in perl should remove the unwanted -c and -o blahblah.o (java
rap, change javac to whatever for other compilers)

Filename javacXWPE:

# Hint: filenames like "-o" or "-c" would also be refused by javac
my $Command;
foreach (@ARGV) {
        unless (/^\-o$/ || /^\-c$/) {
                $Command .= $_ . " ";
        @ARGV=0 if (/^\-o$/);
exec "/opt/jdk/bin/javac $Command";

add javacXWPE instead of javac to the compilers