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Why don't I do KDE support?
     First I should point out I don't use KDE and don't generally like it.
The reasons are that important as to why.  Because of this I pay more
attention to GNOME news.  Is KDE working on a corba gdb interface?
Support GNOME happens to be a better choice in my opinion since xwpe is
in C and it is under GPL so linking to Qt is questionable legally.  I've
said before that I'd put up a version with but only if another toolkit was
an option as well.

Why not use XML for the help system?
     My reason for possibly switching from the current to info is because
I dislike the current format and info is already supported.  If I was
going to reimplement the thing I probably would use html or xml but
I'm basically lazy.  Besides info support has to stay anyway since I
hate 'info' and xwpe is a much nicer reader for those files.

Dennis Payne