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Xwpe-1.5.19a and Troll Bridge

The lastest xwpe incarnation is available.  Here's the changelog stuff.

* Fix for mouse resize window/zoom bug based on Pedro's patch.
* Made the print command an editor option.
* Fixed gpm bug with a modification of Sebastiano's patch.
* Modified Mark Spieth's patch for new titling method.  (Editor option to
     use the old style.
* Added Mark's patch to read xwperc from local directory if it exists.

By default it will use the new tile method.  Since my rpi web site will
disappear somewhere around March of next year I have setup a new web site.

Also I've released Troll Bridge.  I haven't cleanup the installation
process yet so it is difficult to compile.  Also it is currently not
very playable as only one level is even started.  However, I think it
does show that I write better designed code than is evident in xwpe. :)

Dennis Payne