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Re: question about syntax_def

Actually, bizarrely the use of my own arbitrary comment starter after
REM statements, and making the REM statement a recognized keyword allows
for a slightly more accurate highlighting of comments in this language,
because bbx actually does have a few functions that take place in
comments! *&^*&*& the command to renumber
the file can be controlled by certain tags that you place right after
REM, the way I have it now, the word REM and the text of the RENUM
modifier would not get colored like a comment, only the real comment
trailing after that would, since I can't place my own commenter in
between the REM and the RENUM modifier anyways as that breaks the
renumber modifier's special meaning. This makes globally replaceing all
the REM's with REM _| a problem, but not much of one, because, even if I
did that, and broke all the renum tags, and then did a renum, the
resulting program still runs identicaly as it did before, it just
doesn't *look* as nice because all the nice 
ON <integer> GOTO 5000,7000,8000,9000
would become
ON <integer> GOTO 720,970,1240,2850

I must need sleep, I'm babbling innanely...  :)


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