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Re: New release: a problem

During some conversion from hard coded numbers to defined constants, I
appearently screwed up.  An || was used where an | should have been.
This causes not to stop on errors during compiling.  Included is a patch
to fix this.

Another note that was brought to my attention is that on OSF/1 (formerly
Digital Unix and now True64) malloc(0) returns NULL.  This may or may not
be a problem.  (For those of you who wonder why shouldn't it return NULL,
this causes two pointers allocated by separate malloc calls to be the same.
Also you then have to special case realloc of NULL.)

Dennis Payne

--- we_prog.c.orig	Tue Aug 17 21:17:43 1999
+++ we_prog.c	Thu Aug 26 08:03:24 1999
@@ -742,7 +742,7 @@
- if (!(f->ed->edopt & (ED_ERRORS_STOP_AT || ED_MESSAGES_STOP_AT)) &&
+ if (!(f->ed->edopt & (ED_ERRORS_STOP_AT | ED_MESSAGES_STOP_AT)) &&
    ret == -1)
   ret = 0;