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question about syntax_def

Apparently I'm not getting something about the syntax of the syntax_def
file. I'm trying to define a BASIC called BBX (www.basis.com) and I
can't figure out how to work the "Comment from here to end of line"
my syntax_def, with bbx PRO/5 support, and some sample bbx code, and a
partial screen shot depicting the problem are at

Can someone tell me if I'm not doing it righ, or is it just a 'feature'?
Not a problem if it's 'feature',at least I'll know to settle for what
I've managed to get so far, which is %300 better than the basic
Note: I'm not trying to deal with the line numbers, just the REM
statements. According to the man page, it seems like they should be able
to work just like "//" does.

I figured attaching 30k of files might be just barely into the realm of
annoying, so I just post a url :)


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