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Reports from the Front

Good to here that it compiles easily on SCO.  It doesn't surprise me that
there are some problems with different terminals.  Xwpe uses very low
level functions for the terminal code.  (When I looked for tutorials and
stuff on curses they didn't even mention the functions.)

The next version of xwpe is coming soon.  I was sent a window tile patch
by Mark Spieth.  What it does is make it so that the windows for each
file are only tiled in the upper portion of the screen leaving the lower
area for messages and what not.  He set it up to tile project,
file-manager and messages in the lower section.  I figured I set it up
to leave them alone instead of tiling.

Mark Spieth and Edward Popkov have both sent in patches to load files
automatically.  Mark's method creates a file "xwpe.dsk" in the directory
that it reads and writes on start and exit.  Edward added "OPENFILES"
to the project file so that they would be open when the project is loaded.
I don't think I'm going to put either version in the next release.
Neither really appeal to be perhaps a project could have a seperate file
that stores the open files.  (Still might make it an editor option then.)

Dennis Payne