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Re: Reports from the Front

Dennis Payne wrote:
> Good to here that it compiles easily on SCO.  It doesn't surprise me that
> there are some problems with different terminals.  Xwpe uses very low
> level functions for the terminal code.  (When I looked for tutorials and
> stuff on curses they didn't even mention the functions.)

A while back I tried to change the characters used to draw the
scroll-bars in console mode. I never did figure out where they come from
and thus, how to change them , I don't think I ever asked here. So, any

actually I don't remember how far I ultimately got, because I just
seemed to recall thinking that I couldn't use the horizontal or vertical
lines for the background in a scroll-bar to make like a slider, because
both the horizontal and vertical sroll bars used the same background
character, so it has to be something undifferentiated, like one of the
solid filled graphics blocks.