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success report

To whom it may tickle pink:

I'm running xwpe-1.5.17a on SCO Open Server 5.0.5, with only the
skunkware98 gcc, and the linker/assembler component of the SCO
developement system installed. note: I do not have and you do not need a
licence for the developement package to install just the linker
component. They give you that.

And this is a not much abriged log of what it takes to compile on SCO

get xwpe_1_5_17a.tar.gz & unpack

make install

And that's *ALL* I did. There was not one single compiler warning, I
didn't *touch* the makefile or makefile.in or configure.in. just
./configure, make, run, slap highly confused neighbor on the back. :)

and it doesn't seem to be crashy so far. I am using it under SCO's own X
server, with KDE from skunkware98
the X version seems to be basically flawless,(at *least* as functional
as under linux, which is where I'm familiar with compiling/running this)
the curses version looks like it has a small display problem. To me it
looks like the screen gets drawn correctly, then scrolled up one line,
then subsequent redraws of individual items happens in the correct
locations. This is on the VGA console btw...

other types of terminals:
ETerm (from skunkware98): layout, upper ascii, and operation is correct,
no color.
scoterm (sco's xterm): same symptoms as the console.
SCO TermLite Windows95 telnet client: same as console & scoterm
GNU Win32 Telnet: same as the console.
serial terminal, procomm plus in ansi-bbs mode on a 486, handcrafted
Termcap and Terminfo entries: works perfect, colors, upper ascii, screen
draws & redraws all good.

so, teeny termcap/terminfo bug for term type 'scoansi' or what?

For my part, I'm happy enough with just the X version.
considering the documentation for the BBx BASIC I'm working with is all
in html & java, thus netscape & X, and the X version lets me see more
lines of code at once anyways, not to mention mouse support, since I
don't have GPM for SCO, (does it exist?)