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Re: New Syntax: PHP3

Rick sent in PHP3 syntax.  The reserved word count was off by one and
the three ending integers were missing so I fixed that.  It is now
available from the web site.

While looking at it I notice an error I had seen in other syntaxes.
The operators that are longer than one character should not include
"and", "or", or any other word beginning with an alphnumeric character.
Those should be part of the keywords.  The "long operators" must
begin with a non-aplhanumeric character because they can appear
anywhere with no surrounding spaces.  For example Fortran has .AND. as
a long operator so in the following line:
the .AND. would be colored as an operator.  "and" doesn't work like
that in any language I know of.  For example:
is not equivelent to "b and aid".  (Xwpe wouldn't care, however, since
it requires long operators to begin with non-alphanumeric characters.)

This should probably be documented better.  (The man page also
incorrectly says a -1 in "column for comment till the end of line" is

Dennis Payne