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RE: GTK+ and KDE

Hi xwpe developers

I don't know if you ever have heard of wxWindows a cross-Platform C++ GUI
Several different wxwin ports exist for example for MS-Windows 95/NT/3.1,
GTK and maybe soon a Mac version. A very good any stable 2.01 version of
Wxwin has
just been released.
They are currently planning or already started some kind of wxIDE. This will
be another IDE, but since it is
Cross Platform it will automatically be usable on many Computers. If anybody
wants to port xwpe
maybe joining the wxIDE team is useful. Also the toolkit itself maybe an
They have a mailing list for the IDE at egroups
wxstudio-dev@egroups.com and a homepage at wxStudio.linuxbox.com.
Bye Hubertus