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Re: GTK+ and KDE

On Tue, 6 Apr 1999, Dennis Payne wrote:

> Second, yes it would somewhat be duplicating the effort of gIDE and
> KDevelop.  I don't see much of a problem in this because they aren't
> trying to emulate the Turbo C++ programming environment.  In particular
> I like xwpe because I know all the keyboard commands.  I use the ^K
> block commands over the edit functions.  (Not to mention I dislike that
> gIDE requires a hacked GTK+ although they are working to fix that.)

Yes, I see your point. I have no idea what Borland's Windows compiler
IDE's looked like so I can't comment, although I do like Visual C++ 6's
editor. (oh what was that prototype again.. oh wait it just popped up in a
tooltip) The problem I see in trying to do a GTK/QT/toolkit-of-the-month
port is that xwpe tries to emulate the *DOS* Turbo C++ IDE. Wonderful at a
console.. pretty much a hack in X. (I keep thinking it's a xterm myself.)
Although I must admit I am a CLI/console junkie so I could be considered
biased. I only use the mouse for gpm cut 'n paste. (and menus in xwpe.. I 
haven't learned the keyboard commands quite yet)

> Third, the X lib version should remain an option if possible.
> Forth, xwpe is under GPL.  It could be argued that you can't link it to
> qt because of this.  I won't allow xwpe to only be usable under KDE for
> this reason.  It must be usable under X lib and/or GTK+.  However, I
> would like to see both a KDE and GNOME option for xwpe.

IANAL so I can not comment on GPL related matters. However I am getting an
idea in my head about how GNOME/KDE could be put into xwpe.. perhaps
GTK/QT could be used for such things as File Open and Save boxes, and the
window of the program itself, while leaving the actual editing environment
(editor, menus) as close to Turbo C++ as possible.
However xwpe != borland, and if you want a true borland clone, run Turbo
C++ in dosemu or use RHIDE, which is based around Borland's own
TurboVision IDE library. (and does nice things like use libgdb..
unfortuately it is terrible to try and build as it was written for djgpp

> Dennis Payne
> dulsi@identicalsoftware.com

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