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GTK+ and KDE

Ron asked on the xwpe mailing list about a GTK+ (or GNOME) version of
xwpe.  Jacques had emailed me independently about interest in a KDE

First, as it stands the interface code and the IDE features are thrown
together without much seperation.  Before a GTK+ or KDE could be
resonably accomplished that would need to be fixed.  I would love to
have the display code clearly seperated from the rest of the code.
By all means hack away.

Second, yes it would somewhat be duplicating the effort of gIDE and
KDevelop.  I don't see much of a problem in this because they aren't
trying to emulate the Turbo C++ programming environment.  In particular
I like xwpe because I know all the keyboard commands.  I use the ^K
block commands over the edit functions.  (Not to mention I dislike that
gIDE requires a hacked GTK+ although they are working to fix that.)

Third, the X lib version should remain an option if possible.

Forth, xwpe is under GPL.  It could be argued that you can't link it to
qt because of this.  I won't allow xwpe to only be usable under KDE for
this reason.  It must be usable under X lib and/or GTK+.  However, I
would like to see both a KDE and GNOME option for xwpe.

Dennis Payne