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Re: GTK+ and KDE

> Hmm, I don't think that it could be done with a reasonable amount of
> work,since xwpe is very C-ish and KDE is very nice C++.

I never said it would be a reasonable amount of work :).

> Maybe it could work to keep almost everything as is and only try to add
> support for the Qt-drag and drop style, the session management and maybe
> some configuartion stuff.

Since GNOME and KDE use the same drag and drop standard, that would be a
nice feature.

> Since some time Qt is under a Open source compatible license, the
> QPLhttp://www.troll.no/free-license.html, so there is no problem.

My understanding of the GPL is that you could only link to system, GPL and
LGPL libraries unless of course you were the original author of the
program.  It doesn't really matter at this point since like you said a
lot of work is needed to use Qt in xwpe.  (And if someone did the work I
suspect it would take less than a day to port it to gtk+ or gtk--.)

Dennis Payne