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Re: XWPE crashes ?

On Thu, 4 Feb 1999, Kehl Hubertus wrote:

> Hi Xwpe Developers,
> I like XWPE very much and I'm using it for quite a year now. Thanks for
> writing and supporting it !.
> There is one thing to mention that is very important to be eliminated
> somehow:
> I first used the orginal version (1.4 ? ) on Linux and now tried the new
> version 1.5.14a on SUN Solaris and
> SuSE Linux.
> Did anybody find the bug (in the original or new version) that makes it
> crash sometimes ? It happen to me
> on making C++ Code and also while debugging and inspecting. The orginal and
> new version
> seem to behave in the same manner, always a segfault and Emergency Save. I
> only tried the X-Windows
> versions.
> Bye Hubertus

Yes, I believe Dennis is working on finding that bug. It affected me too
on my Debian box. Expect the fix in the next release.
One thing though.. I haven't been smitten by this bug lately. I'm using
14a and haven't seen it at all since I originally reported it.


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