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Xwpe News for the Enlightened

Here are some miscelaneous stuff that deserve mentioning.

Alexander Skwar asked about pcc386 support.  He says ppc386 supports the
-o switch but doesn't know if there is an equivelent to -c.  So there
probably needs to be a way of disabling the compile stage.

John Duthie and Geir Haugom have reported compile problems on slackware
systems.  They got multiple conflicting prototype definitions for tputs.
Current workaround if to delete the prototype in xwpe's code.

Brett Helbig reports a weird list of compilation errors on Solaris 2.5.1
with gcc 2.8.1.  Seems that reg is defined to register.  This causes a
problem in a section of code that uses reg as a local variable.
Attempting to fix by renaming the local variable.  No word on result

In programming Troll Bridge, my computer game, I've been using C++'s STL.
This got me thinking that glib has similar functions for C.  So I was
thinking of using it for list lists and resizable arrays within xwpe.
Anyone have good/bad experience with it?  (glib is generally associated
with gtk for more information see www.gtk.org)

Since I've been neglecting xwpe, I figured I'd let you guys have a look at

Dennis Payne