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Xwpe and KDE

The xwpe mailing list only accepts messages from subscribers because of
previous spammers.  I'm forwarded this message along with my response to
the mailing list and Dmitry.

> I tried to run xwpe on my system: an X-terminal connected to Linux server,
> with KDE windows manager.
> Since my X-terminal has only 256 colors I had problems with allocating
> colors for many non-KDE x-applications (KDE itself uses a lot of colors).
> But xwpe even does not like to run at all: it just prints the message
>  "Xwpe: all colorcells allocated, exiting ..."
> and stops.
> If someone knows a way how to avoid this and make xwpe run on a KDE system
> please answer me (to my address, D.Varentsov@gsi.de, because I'm not
> subscribed to the mailing list).
> Kind regards,
>                    Dmitry Varentsov.

One possible solution is to define all the colors to use colors already in
use by KDE.  You could do this by adding to your .Xdefaults
   Xwpe.color1: SomecolorUsedByKDE
Repeat for all 16 colors.  (I don't know what colors are used by KDE so your
on your own there.)

Another possibility is to switch to a private colormap.  Email me if you're
interested in this.  (I already have code to do this for my simple graphics
library so I think it would be easy to paste in.)

Dennis Payne