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Re: Xwpe 1.5.11a bugs? and "feature"

> [BUG] In the configure script, tabs in the grep pattern matches on lines 2293
> and 2302.  There are similar problems with configure.in.

Ah.  There used to be tabs but appearently I converted them to spaces.

[odd menu behavior]
Sounds like a bug somewhere.  It doesn't appear to occur with my linux box
when running natively.  Since this isn't a huge problem I'm probably not
going to look into it for a while.

Marko Mlakar also discovered a bug in pasting.  If you do alot of pastes
with section without a return in it, it segfaults.  (And leads to a continual
segfault on the test I did.  Need to change the segfault code to ignore
secondary segfaults.)

[update feature]
Kenn, you wanted to add a list of future development ideas to the FAQ.
The updating of file manager contents could go there.

Dennis Payne