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Xwpe 1.5.11a bugs? and "feature"

Thanks for posting xwpe-1.5.11a.  It compiled pretty much out of the box.  I
have one bug, one possible bug, and a feature suggestion.

[BUG] In the configure script, tabs in the grep pattern matches on lines 2293
and 2302.  There are similar problems with configure.in.

[BUG?] I compiled the source on a Sun SunOS 5.4 system, and I'm using a remote
server display on a Linux box.  When I click on the top menu bar after looking
at the file manager, most of the time the left-hand box [#] gets selected,
even though I point to one of the other menu choices.  But it is not
consistent -- sometimes the menu box pointed to gets selected.  This doesn't
seem to happen when I have a file open in the edit window -- in this case, the
proper menu box always gets selected.

[FEATURE] The file manager doesn't update the contents of the directory in the
Files: window if there have been changes to the directory (such as with a new
compile that creates a .o file or if something was added to the directory from
outside the xwpe environment).  Ditto for the DirTree: window.  Maybe we
should do a stat() on the current directory when we visit the Files: window,
and if there have been changes, the window should be redrawn with the new
contents.  (The file sizes and permissions may have also changed, so another
alternative would be to redraw the window every time it is visited, but that
would be less efficient). The same remarks apply to the DirTree: window.

I like xwpe, and the recent changes have been terrific.  Keep up the good

Timothy Fossum -- Computer Science and Engineering Dept. -- UW-Parkside
900 Wood Road -- Kenosha, WI 53144 -- fossum@cs.uwp.edu -- 414-595-2297