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Gotta remember to change that addr when doing a reply. Sorry Dennis.

Dennis Payne wrote:
> > Invoking wpe without a file as an argument results in severe corruption
> > of the screen and messing of the keyboard. I must log in to another
> > terminal and do "kbd_mode -a" to recover.
> Is anyone else getting this behavior?  Are you running the standard
> ncurses that comes with 5.1 or a more recent version?

These appear to be the standard 5.1 ncurses libs

***This is the Machine I have been testing on***
   Luckily I have two machines to test and compare, one is an updated RH
5.1 named Windeath, RH 4.2-->5.0-->5.1 (make sure you install the
updates before you do anything). It is running on ncurses 4.2 but still
has old libc5 ncurses in the /usr/lib dir, the old lib is
libncurses.so.1.9.9e which has libncurses.so.3.0 symlinked to it. These
are also in the new /usr/i486-linux-libc5/lib/ dirs that redhat uses.
   If I rename these to .bak extensions *wpe fails with
"libncurses.so.3.0: cannot open shared object file".
   Renaming the old libs to .bak extensions, running ldconfig (with the
new dirs in ld.so.conf) and recompiling has no effect. 

   The other named Hera is a fresh 5.1 install (make sure you install
the updates before you do anything). This one is also running libncurses
4.2 however the libncurses.so.1.9.9e and its symlink to 3.0 are in the
new /usr/i486-linux-libc5/lib/ dirs that redhat uses for the old lib5
libs. *wpe will compile and run (even without a file for argument)
however the Fkeys still don't work and there appear to be diff key
errors (backspace doesn't work for instance, not present on Windeath). 

It would appear that editing of the gcc parameters (to force it to use
the libc5 libs) or the configure script is in order perhaps (just
guessing)? BTW, if ya have a choice install RH 5.x on a freshly
formatted partition/HD, you'll be glad you did.
                                                          James M.
                                                          aka "Dart"
A thought for linux users:
"How about that? Together, we're a genius."