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Re:Bugs--and reformating

It appears the majordomo is sensitive about messages sent.
So I suggest not sending messages that have config beginning
a line.  -- Dennis Payne

> After a lot of messing trying to get ncurses and wpe to work
> correctly on my "updated" machine I've decided to give up and start
> over.
>    Redhat OS "updates" are a major pain. Too bad so much garbage is left
> laying around. My test machine (Windeath) is getting wiped and
> reinstalled fresh. All testing will now be done on my other "pure" RH
> 5.1 machine.
>    For all intents and purposes they are identical so my stated machine
> config is still valid as are the Fkey errors. The only major change to
> my bug report is that wpe does NOT mess the screen or keyboard without a
> file for argument. All others remain the same and add backspace in wpe
> not working correctly. 
>    This may be one for the FAQ. We'll find out as more people "update"
> to 5.x I guess.
> -- 
>                                                           James M.
>                                                           aka "Dart"
> A thought for linux users:
> "How about that? Together, we're a genius."
>                                 -Charlie-