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Re: Bugs and a small man page update.

>    First the Man page update. There are some preliminary spelling fixes,
> minor format changes, and a new section with the major keyboard
> bindings. Anyone think we need to put in every menu?

Actually all keyboard bindings were originally in the man page.  I
removed them for two reasons:
 1) I wanted to keep the man page small and only cover what is needed
to start the program.  The online help is for using xwpe.
 2) Keeping two documents uptodate is harder than one.  (Don't believe
just look at the man page's and CHANGELOG's list of bugs.)

[keyboard bugs]
I don't have any problems with the Fkeys.  I'm going to be upgrading
to red hat 5.1 soon so maybe I be in a better position to help then.
(The "sticky" ESC I've noticed odd ESC behavior in the past but never
tracked it down.)

> Invoking wpe without a file as an argument results in severe corruption
> of the screen and messing of the keyboard. I must log in to another
> terminal and do "kbd_mode -a" to recover.
Is anyone else getting this behavior?  Are you running the standard
ncurses that comes with 5.1 or a more recent version?

Dennis Payne