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Re: Xwpe 1.5.6a

Dennis Payne wrote:
> Xwpe 1.5.6a has just been put on the xwpe alpha homepage.
> (http://www.rpi.edu/~payned/xwpe/alpha.html)
> What's in it:
> * New configure script.  aclocal.m4 is taken from lynx 2.8.1 dev 4
> * Fixed remove bug (working mouse cursor stayed after removing file).
> * Fixed some cut and paste bugs.
> * Fixed no windows zoom bug.
> * Fixed up prototypes in edit.h and progr.h.
> * Incorporated some of Alexander Neundorf's changes.
> * Incorporated Kenn Flynn's file manager patch.
> * Incorporated Alexei Pavlov's changes to autoindenting.
> What is not in it:
> Alexander Neudorf & Alexei Pavlov have suggested changes to Block Move to
>      Left functionnality neither are included yet.
> Alexander Neundorf has had problems with cut & paste that were fixed by
>      setting MAXCOLUM to 512.  This shouldn't fix the problems so I haven't
>      added the changes.
> What really needs testing is the config script on various systems.  I have
> tested it on AIX, Irix, Linux, and Solaris.  Solaris didn't work although
> that might be because of RPI's weird setup.
> Also there is an lsm file but I'm not entering it into the lsm database
> until more testing has been done on the configure script.
> Dennis Payne
> payned@rpi.edu

Does this version incorporate gpm mouse on the VC versions wpe/we ?
I have found the gpm patch to 1.4.12 and incorporated the guts of that
and the glibc patches RedHat had in their srs.rpm for redhat 5, and 
fixed up the the makefile.in and configure to arrive at a gpm-capable
wpe that uses makefile.in and configure like god intended, instead
of the static Makefile that comes with the gpm patch. It works out
of the box now on RedHat 5 (Linux95?) including all 16 colors and pc 
characters without using we-term, and the makefile will not erase an 
exisiting xwe/xwpe if you make install just we/wpe.  
I'm so pleased with the result I hate to ditch it, but I like 
wpe and so am glad to see it being worked on again finally.