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May 4th occurred on a Saturday making it the perfect time for another one shot. The players wanted to continue with their previous characters. My oldest really like General Grievous and felt he should come back. I thought about incorporating that into the game so I looked at wookiepedia and found out about N-K Necrosis. A scientist replaced the organic parts of General Grievous with droid pieces. This seemed like a perfect idea.

We added a new player who decided to play a smuggler so he became their ride off of Shotea II. I was a little concerned about another new player who had played Star Wars Galaxies which created N-K Necrosis. He ended up not being able to make it. My wife had apparently read up about N-K Necrosis about a month ago but didn't recognize the doctor's name until the reveal.

I added Tiny Frontiers Revised to my Nighty Knights kickstarter and planned to use that. However, I hadn't received the pdf. I contact Alan Bahr and he quickly sent me the pdf but I didn't have time to read it so we just used the original Tiny Frontiers again. Next year we will convert.

Old Enemies

Leaving Shotea II has proven very difficult. The Imperials have been searching for the rebels responsible for the destruction of the AT-M6s and the Star Destroyer.

The rebels finally managed to arrange transport off world. While preparing for takeoff, Imperial Stormtroopers arrived and demanded they surrender...

Blasting Off

Some stormtoopers entered the landing pad and start shooting the player characters. Two additional stormtoopers brought in an E-Web heavy repeating blaster. It would take several rounds to assemble. If they are allowed to assemble the weapon, it woulf destroy the ship. The ship was not state of the art and needed some conjoling to get into the air. The stormtroppers died in one hit. If they defeat all the stormtroppers more would come.

Unexpected Contact

The rebels have been out of contact with the rebellion since the destruction of the Hoth base. They needed to contact someone within the rebellion to connect up with the group. They traveled to Takodana hoping to make contact. While in the bar, a Bothan bumped into the rebels and slipped a holodisc into his hand. The disk needed to be decrypted before the message could be watched.

One of rebels determined it is the same encryption used by an old acquaintence, Doctor Nycolai Kinesworthy. He was a cyberneticist who the character sold parts to in the past. His image appeared when the disk was viewed.

"Hopefully this message reaches you. The project I'm working on is nearing completion. I'm in need of some more parts. I understand your friends recently suffered a set back. If... when my work succeeds, it may be very useful to you and your friends. I need some droid parts from the clone wars. Specifically parts from the magna guard would be best. They were destroyed on Utapau. Once you have the parts find Ovvannost in the city of Kachirho on Kashyyyk. She can bring you to me."

That Sinking Feeling

Getting to Utapau proved uneventful. Talking to a Pau'an, they found that the old clone wars parts have been collected by the Kaleesh. The Kaleesh believed heroes are elevated to the status of god on death. General Grievous acheived that status. They collected all the parts they could find and built a shire to him at the bottom of the sinkhole. The Pau'ans found such a belief primative. To get to the bottom, the rebels negotiated to get a pair of varactyls.

Shrine to General Grievous

The Kaleesh setup a tent at the bottom of the sinkhole. Some guards prevented enterance. Once inside, the tent contained a large pile of robot parts and a number of Kaleesh paying homage to the great general. The jedi apprentice used the force to convince the guards to allow them in. Most of the rebels started loudly professing faith in General Grievous while another acquired what they could of the parts.

The Kaleesh didn't believe the rebels and attacked but were sorly out matched. More Kaleesh were heard approaching so they decided to leave. The new Kaleesh were dragging a tied up Huk named Shurk. The characters freed the Huk and took him with them. (My original intent was to have the praying mantis creature inside the shire but forgot. This worked better as the characters had everything they needed. They could have left.)

Led to Danger

On Kashyyk, they asked around in a cantina for Ovvannost. She brought them to the Myydril Caverns where Doctor Nycolai Kinesworthy was hidden. Ovvannost warned the rebels to be alert for the spider creatures Urnsor'is. The Wookies believed they were wiped out but just remain vigilant. (This was just to distract the players. There were no Urnsor'is.)

The rebels reached the Doctor. He thanked them for the parts. Ovvannost stayed behind as he brough them to his new creation. He installed some pieces before pulling off the covering. There lay the body of General Grievous. The characters were in shock as he came online and stood. Doctor Nycolai Kinesworthy explained that the organic parts were replaced with robotics but he was just as skilled in combat and tatics. He was named N-K Necrosis. It became clear that they intended for Necrosis to take command of the Rebel Alliance. The rebels agreed to contact the council about this.

The intent was to have a battle with N-K Necrosis. (N-K Necrosis had a double bladed light saber in Star Wars Galaxies but I gave him four light sabers like General Grievous.) However, the rebels thought it was insane to take on Necrosis. Instead they devised a few ideas and settled on sending in some robot parts with lots of explosives hidden underneath. The explosion killed Doctor Nycolai Kinesworthy and Necrosis. They had to flee Kashyyk as the Imperial came to investigate.


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