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In planning a Star Wars game for May 4, I looked for adventure ideas. I stumbled on The Force of the Story. Steve Darlington's explanation of the important features of a Star Wars story really struck me as well defined.

After considering different time periods, I settled on the Empire Strikes Back. The Empire would be constructing a new walker the AT-M6 from the Last Jedi. They were loading the new developed weapons for the assault on Hoth. If the players don't stop them, the Rebels will not have time to escape.

The simple idea satisfied the "Everything Must be Incredibly Important" point. Yes it stretched cannon to say the AT-M6 existed back then but I'm okay with that. It gets destroyed and the plan are lost until discovered by the First Order.

We never ended up doing a character creation session. I knew my wife intended to play a Jedi. She was a padawan and escaped after her master died. I decided to have the clone trooper still around and leading the AT-M6 project to give her character more drive.

When I played D6 Star Wars, I believe many of the adventures started with a briefing. Steve suggested "In Media Res". My opening dropped them in a space battle trying to reach the planet.

For "The Big Narrative "Push"", I decided the informant made a deal with a local criminal organization to contact the Rebels. The informant was locked in the fatory to meet the accelerated schedule. When the players had enough information or took too long with talking with the informant's family, thugs would show up.

I used the Tiny Frontiers system for the game. The adventure went well. More description of the city would have probably improved the scenes. I think a trait for lightsaber training would be good. Something like:

Lightsaber Training: When you succeed at evading a laser blast, you may make a standard test to hit another target with the laser blast.

Crippling the Walkers

The Rebellion received a cryptic message from the planet Shotea II. The sender said the Empire developing a new weapon on the unimportant planet.

A small band of Rebels were sent to investigate. To their surprise a Star Destroyer waited in orbit over the planet. When the rebels couldn't produce proper authorization, TIE fighters were sent to intercept...

Landing on Shotea II

Three tie fighters attack first round. Star Destroyer attacks on second round. The players have a Corellian G9 Rigger freighter. It has Plasma Cannons, Gravity Engines, and Mining Shields for special systems as there were only three players.

The tie fighters are basic ships with only two health. The Star Destroyer can not be damaged. It will do three basic laser weapon attacks each round. More tie fighters are added as the fight went on.

Finding the Informant

They need three checks to make it through the city to the meeting place. Each failure will cause them to get spotted by a group of scout troopers. The group starts with one trooper and would increase each failure. The scout troopers only had one health.

Mother and Son

When they knock of the apartment door, a woman answers. Her name is Erisi. She is a Gran with 3 eyes goat like snout and four small antenna. She is rather large with six skinny fingers. Erisi will not open the door without some convincing. Her son Grinta is with her.

Assuming they befriend Erisi, she tells them her husband Timler is working at the Imperial factory. The workers are being kept in the factory to finish everything at an accelerated rate. No one is allowed in or out except the supervisors and some droids. She can tell them he works in building six.

If you convince her to trust you, she will let you search his desk. On the desk is a picture of a the AT-M6. She doesn't know how Timler would have had the time to contact you. Grinta starts looking suspicious.

If Grinta is asked about his dad, he mentions that his dad brought him to the Chef. Chef is an Ortolan criminal. His dad went off to do something while he was entertained by some of the Chef's friends.


When the players start to run out of questions, there is another knock on the door. Some Rodian associates of the Chef are looking for their payment. Timler promissed to smuggle some parts out in return for contacting the Rebellion. If the players have nothing to offer, the Rodians try to take the woman and son. If they meet with the Chef and convince him they will get him what he is owed, he will tell them about an officer who is coming on shift soon.

Finding Timler

After they sneak or fight their way into building six. They will need to find Timler. The easiest solution is to search the computer system for his location. Timler is happy to see the Rebels but will not leave. He is afraid what the Empire might do to his family. He tells the Rebels that the AT-M6s are being assembled in building eight. The smoke from the power plants allows them to load them into the orbiting Star Destroyer without anyone noticing.

Building Eight

A small river runs through the side of the building. It once provided some hydro-electric power but that was dismantled long ago. It can be used as an entrance for sneaking in.

The building is run by Chuptrik, a former clone trooper. He killed the Jedi master of one of the characters. During the battle on Geonosis, he took an Acklay egg. If he is close to being defeated he will blow a wistle to call the Acklay which will come out of the river.

Destorying the AT-M6s

Most of the AT-M6s have been delivered to the Star Destroyer. The Rebels need to destroy those before they can help in the invasion of Hoth. They can infiltrate the Star Destroyer by riding in a completed AT-M6 or maybe just send up a bomb.


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