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New World: Deities: Mirtish

The official religion of the Mirtish Empire set by the first Emperor Eratos. According to the Emperor, he turned to Attun when the god revealed himself in a dream and demanded the false idols be forgotten. Some believe the change was simply political due to the interference of Gracos high priests. By starting a new religion with him at the top, the Emperor could not be questioned.


Attun has existed since the beginning. His followers say he created the world and all the creatures in it. Temples to Attun always serve him to exclusion of other gods. His laws are dedicated to acts of good:

  • Do for others as you wish to be done for you.
  • Protect the weak.
  • Stop Zarrek's corruption and the worship of the false gods.


According to the followers of Attun, Zarrek is responsible for all the evils in the world. His followers espouse a different view. They claim Attun seeks to protect those in power. Zarrek is about empowering the people. He has no public temples. He sets no commandments on his followers but some common wisdoms have been suggested:

  • Worry about yourself before others.
  • Enjoy life and indulge your whims.
  • Crush those who stand in the way of your happiness.


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