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New World: Halfling, Human & Tiefling


Halflings traveling to the New World were typically adventurers. Very few moved to the create a new home and community. Most wanted to explore the uncharted wilderness. Their population is the lowest of the civilized races of the Old World. The loss of their old homes came as a shock. Some have created halfling districts in the towns. Arranged marriages have become common. Many feel there is a strong urgency to create a family. Risking life and limb as an adventurer is considered by many to be a selfish activity in light of the current situation.


The Martish Empire conquered numerous nations with their own cultures. The humans found in the colonies reflect this assortment of upbringings. Most remember what was and what has been lost. The first generation of humans born in the new world have reached adulthood. In someways the short lifespan of the humans is blessing for they will soon forget the specifics of the the Old World.

Not all humans found in the colonies were citizens of the Martish Empire. Humans refugees from Techogaxoan Empire have slowly moved in. They are typically enthusiastic to aid the settlers. Used to the demands for faster work by their tiefling masters, even when not forced a refugee will often do more work than any peer without realizing it. While tiefling refugees explain the state of the Techogaxoan Empire, few human escapees talked about their time there.


The Techogaxoan Empire has a large population of tieflings. Rumors say the human leaders of the country may a deal with dark gods for power long ago. In return they construct large pyramids to sacrifice victims to their blood thirsty deities. The southern country has not reached the colonies yet. An influx of exiled and disillusioned tieflings suggests that the empire is moving closer.

The tieflings found in the colonies are often good natured. Most disagree with the constant thirst for new sacrifices. Some however were simply unable to conform to their society. The disruptive tieflings do not fare much better in the colonies.


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