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New World: Great Spirits

Despite being an important part of the campaign, I have not detailed the Great Spirits of the dragonkin very much. The Spring Tortoise was designed by the player who created the dragonkin cleric (who later became a rune priest). I planned to make an Ice Bear and a Coatl. Since dinosaurs are found in the New World, they should have at least one Great Spirit. Here are the completed entries.

The Cocoon


All insect started life in the Cocoon. Usually the Cocoon is dormant and the natural vermin are manageable. When it awakens, the insects swarm in incredible numbers. Such periods often cause famines among other creatures as the bugs consume all they can. The Cocoon's will can be hard for humanoids to understand but some commonly accepted ideas are:

  • Consume all that you need. When you die, you will be consumed to provide for the future.
  • Not all are equal. The least shall do all in their power to enable the better.



The Coyote drew the ire of the dragonkin for creating death. He guides the deceased to the spirit world. Unlike other Great Spirits, the Coyote sometimes takes an anthropomorphic form in stories. Many tales of the Coyote involve him playing a trick and suffering a punishment for it but it never seems to dissuade his spirit. While few follow the Coyote before the other spirits, his tenants are respected:

  • Bring rest to the deceased that have trouble accepting their fate.
  • Live life for your time is short.
  • Work with others but retain your individuality.

Spring Tortoise


Often depicted as an ancient, enormous tortoise, the Spring Tortoise is seen as the protector of nature, fertility and everlasting growth. His focus is over wisdom and prudent choices, he frowns upon impulse and brashness. Followers of the Spring Tortoise tend to prescribe to a life of simplicity - focusing on growth, dedication and consistent yet well-planed actions.

The basic philosophy of the Spring Tortoise:

  • All life is sacred - though life and death are a natural part of the cycle. Kill only when necessary.
  • Nature should be respected - use only what you need off of the land - not what you want.
  • Be consistent and true with your actions - never betray a well-thought out plan with a rash action to unhinge it.


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