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New World: Deities: Gracos

There were many religions in the Old World. Initially the Mirtish Empire tolerated all religions. Conquered people were allowed to continue with their old traditions. Many prominent nobles including the Emperor worshiped the Gracos pantheon causing it to slowly spread throughout the lands. When Emperor Eratos turned to Attun, he declared it the national religion. As the largest religious faction and former religion of the Emperor, great effort was placed on converting or marginalizing followers. Still many people continued to pray to the old gods in private. More Gracos followers fled to the religious freedom of the New World than any other religious order.


Unlike the other Gracos gods, Athita is not descended from Orth and Eyra. The god of reason, wisdom and warfare simply appeared before warriors caught in a senseless battle. She is often in conflict with the god of battle. Her teachings are sensible and easy to follow:

  • A battle that cannot be won should not be fought.
  • Helping others is not always easy but nourishes the heart.
  • Thoughtful action can be more useful than strong action.


The god of battle and fire is the first son of Orth and Eyra. Prior to Athita's appearance, he promoted war for little reason. Old warriors and outcast dwarves support him. Worshipers are expected to:

  • Turn dwarves away from Orth.
  • Crush opponents and show no mercy.
  • Cowards run in fear. Withdraw with confidence and plan to destroy your enemy.


The god of the sky, wind, and change travels without concern. She prefers open air temples. Adventurers often pray for her blessing in their travels. She expects:

  • Blow with the wind. Try new things be it travel or simply foods.
  • Learn to fly. Strive for your goal no matter the distance between you and your desire.
  • Cages are only for things too dangerous to roam free.


Lawful Good
As the god of the earth, all things begin with Orth. He demands that his presence is the greatest in shared temples. Paladins and dwarves revere him. He commands his worshipers as follows:

  • Evil triumphs when good men do nothing.
  • Working together men can build great works but only a god may build a mountain.
  • Loyally follow your leader.


The seeker of the unknown appears as humanoid with the three fronts usually at least one is male and one is female. Thrynosi thirsts for knowledge with no regard to morality. Spies and the underworld often hold him/her in high regard. He/she requests worshipers to:

  • Acquire knowledge however you can.
  • Keep secret that which is a danger and share the rest.
  • When confronted with two points of view consider the third.


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