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New World: Elf

The elves suffered deeply under the Martish Empire. The defiance of the Verdant Root caused a bloody war between the nations. Eventually the Martish Empire subsumed the country. The elves reluctantly served the Emperor without question for many years. Only the colonization of the New World altered that service.

Fearing the New World would be stripped of resources without concern for the environment, the forest city of Alimos-Dan was teleported to the new continent. Outraged the Emperor demanded the city be returned. The elves could not and faced many new restrictions for their betrayal.

In the New World, they have been educating the colonies to environmental concerns. The mining practices of New Lusal have been altered to not pollute the nearby ecosystem. The clear cutting in Napoboth Bay has been replaced with a sustainable forestry system. They have also formed a strong bond with the dragonkin.

Not all elves have been as altruistic, many high elves have focused on studying the new environment. They have shown a particular interest in the lost empire of the dragonkin.


Long ago the noble house of Drow used dark magic in attempt to increase their standing. When the treachery was discovered the family was exiled from elven society. Afterward they became the boggymen in elven stories always skulking in the shadows. It was commonly believed they had died out.

Almost a century ago Tirrune, a dwarven warrior, brought Xilthara, a female elf with dark skin, to the elves, they were in utter shock. Xilthara refused to tell the elves anything. The elven council offered to accept them back had the clan given up the use of dark magic. She laughed at the idea and claimed the drow were no longer elves.

The drow remained successfully hidden after that encounter. Some believe they are responsible for the destruction of the Old World. Most thought it no longer mattered. Recently rumors have surfaced of the drow traveling underground to the New World.


The diverse collection of people in New World seemed like a new start for the half-elves. Unfortunately the old prejudices slowed their acceptance on ships to the New World. Those who did make the journey did find more acceptance than before especially those with needed specialized skills. The diversity of the towns has caused an increase in the number of half-elf births recently.


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