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New World: Classes

Most classes integrate without concern in the New World setting. Clerics, fighters, rogues, etc. existed in the Old World and are unchanged by the New World. However, the deals made to acquire the warlock's power are due to New World. This sections describes some of the classes needing additional information on how they fit into the New World.


In the Old World, the druidic order had long established rituals and hierarchy. Initiation in the order required approve of elder members of the order. With the destruction of the Old World, the hierarchy has been thrown into disarray. Caryaruth, the highest ranking druid in the new world has been trying to reestablish the order. He has reached out to the druids of the New World but has not had much luck.

The New World druids have no structure. They travel as they choose and indoctrinate those they feel worthy. Sometimes clashes have erupted over conflicting methods of preserving nature. Very few see any benefit to a strict hierarchy adhered to in the Old World. Some druids of the Old World have found the freedom of New World liberating and have rejected the old order.

Psion and Other Psionic Classes

While there were some reports of powers of the mind in the Old World, most dismissed such reports as sorcerers with a natural talent. Events in the New World have caused some to reconsider that opinion. Several reports have surfaced of people displaying powers significantly different from arcane magic. Unlike the rumors of minor abilities in the Old World, the powers of the psions appear to be growing.

Primoris Ordo Magus, the arcane guild of Alimos-Dan, have started to investigate the claims. Unfortunately many people exhibiting psionics have disappeared or been killed in apparent accidents particularly in the southern colonies. Some believe the mage guild fears the new force and is trying to destroy it. A boy who witnessed a fire that killed a psion from his bedroom window said he saw a giant slug creature leaving the scene. The native dragonkin have never seen of a giant slug so the boy's account has been largely ignored. The Gracos priests of Napoboth Bay have decided that the mind powers are a corruption of the New World and should be extinguished. As a result of these events, psionic users have largely stopped drawing attention to themselves.


With the tieflings arrival a new form of magic began to be practiced. The majority of warlocks choose an infernal or star pact. Since this magic was unknown in the Old World, the warlock must have learned it after arriving. Most wizards disapprove of the deal warlocks' strike in return for power.

Before transferring Alimos-Dan to the New World, the elves requested the assistance of the fey of the New World. They agreed to aid in the ritual but required some young to train in their ways. These fey pact warlocks are better accepted by those who know of the deal. After the training, the fey released the new warlocks and asked nothing in return but some believe the natives are biding their time. If the warlocks are part of a greater scheme, it remains a mystery.


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