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Brick Monsters is here!

What is Brick Monsters?

Brick Monsters is a combination of a Monster Manual and building instructions for Lego bricks. My goal is to include two different designs for the same monster along with suggestions of alternate possibilities if you don't have the needed pieces. It will also include monster stat sheets in some systems. I've been doing Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 and 5th edition but that might not always be the case. I have not seen a satisfactory Eye of the Deep for 5th edition so I'll either have to make my own stats or not include it.

Why the monster stats?

When Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 came out, I refused to buy the new edition as I felt they shouldn't have made so many changes. Eventually I played 3.5 and grew to like it but still didn't have the books. I thought of making my own monster manual out of stock art and SRD.

In a role-playing games forum someone pointed out a Lego Beholder. I liked the design and tried to recreate it in a digital lego designer but wasn't satisfied it would work. I rebuilt it with my physical bricks which resulted in significant design changes as I didn't have the needed pieces. The rainbow colored creation was then built in the digital designer and tested in various colors. I ordered the pieces to build it in blue.

Even though I liked the build I felt disatisfied. I had enough bricks I should be able to build a Beholder. I took a look at my colors. As white and grays were the most numerous I built a Beholder in those colors. Soon I was looking at more D∧D creatures people had built. After amasing a number of designs, I thought about using brick built images for a monster manual.

Why two designs instructions?

I built two otyughs and aboleths for a couple of reason. After that it seemed like I should do two builds each. Part of my goal is to enable people to build their own monsters with their pieces. Odds are you don't have the exact same pieces. By giving two designs you might have enough to build the monster or it might inspire you to use other pieces in your collection. It does make it harder to release a product so maybe I will give up on that idea at some point.

How often will they come out?

Hard to say. Building two different designs and creating the instructions takes a significant amount of time. To some degree it will depend on the demand. If they sell well and people request particular monsters I will do what I can to make that happen.

What is available now?

Brick Monsters: Aboleth

Brick Monsters: Otyugh


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