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A Boy and his Modron

A college friend visited over the summer. I volunteered to run a 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons game for him and the kids. For my 4th edition games, I typically create an original adventure but borrow encounters from various adventures. I planned on doing the same for 5th edition. The storyline was going to involved a telepathic chicken and a crazy druid. But when I searched for adventures to steal from, I discovered a Boy and his Modron.

The adventure was a pay what you want purchase. Typically I avoided these products simply because I don't want to pay zero and bring the average price down. I understand that the producers want you try these products and pay later if you enjoy them. However, the name sounded so good I had to try it.

Despite liking my idea of a telepathic chicken, I decided to run a Boy and his Modron. The module had you helping a modron that this boy found. The atmosphere of the adventure was great. I knew some about the Modron but the adventure gave you plenty of information to feed the player in a tone that fits the Modron. The heavy roleplaying appealed to our mostly young players. They encouraged the adventurous ideas of the boy.

There were multiple encounters that were more than just combat. I did modify the dead deer. Instead of describing a grisly scene, the wolves were captured by the ogre. When he had his accident one night, he dropped their leashes. The alpha wolf ended up getting stuck on some branches leading to the encounter with the PCs. They managed to free the wolves in return for not fighting them.

The encounter with Razi did not go as smoothly. The paladin of the party refused to enter his home nor did the hero like the idea of him living in town. The fight broke out in front of the house with the players hoping they could win. I did manage to get them inside at one point. They decided running was a better option after injuring him.

Unfortunately they didn't manage to make it to the end of the adventure. That's not a fault of the adventure. We simply started too late for the young players. It was one of the most entertaining adventures I've run.


#1 - DnD_Camel, Tuesday, January 14, 2020, 16:09:

good point on the confrontation with Razi. My party is almost at that section of the adventure, I can see now how that would fail. I'm going to change it so that:
1) 31^2 says he's discovered an anomaly in housing records indicating there may be a link between Triazinromas and Razi instead of flat out telling them they are the same.
2) when the PC's arrive at his house, and ask for Razi, I'll have a man servant\goon take them into the chamber to wait for Razi

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