Xwpe-ALPHA Project

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What is xwpe-alpha?

Xwpe is a programming environment for UNIX systems writen by Fred Kruse. The user interface mimics the Borland C and Pascal family of products for MS-DOS. From within xwpe you can edit, compile, and debug programs. Unfortunately Fred Kruse seems to no longer be a member of the on-line community.

The xwpe-alpha project was an attempt to continue development and bug fixes for xwpe. Since attempts to contact the author of xwpe have received no response, xwpe-alpha should be considered unsupported by Fred Kruse. Development has stopped recently. Questions or comments should be directed to Dennis Payne (dulsi@identicalsoftware.com).

The last "official" version of xwpe is 1.4.2. To signify the change in control the version number has increased to 1.5.x. Also xwpe-alpha releases end in 'a' (e.g. 1.5.4a).

Future Development

Development has stopped. Here are the original thoughts for future development.

The original purpose behind xwpe-alpha was to reorganize the source code to ease maintainence. This is still a goal for the future although a lot of work has been done to improve stability. Here is a list of possible future improvements.

Mailing List

The mailing list has been shutdown. Archives of the mailing list are available here.


Xwpe 1.5.30a (source tar & gzipped)

Xwpe 1.5.30a (source rpm)

Xwpe 1.5.30a (i386 binary rpm)

Xwpe-X11 1.5.30a (i386 binary rpm) [requires Xwpe 1.5.30a]

Xwpe 1.5.29a (Playstation2 binary rpm)

Xwpe-X11 1.5.29a (Playstation2 binary rpm) [requires Xwpe 1.5.29a]

Note: Web browsers have a tendency to interpret the download files as text and perform some conversions corrupting the files. On Netscape you can hold shift and click on the link to directly download it. Lynx users should press 'd' on the link. Internet Explorer and others I don't know but try the Netscape solution.