Other IDE Programs

There are several other IDE programs available for Unix/Linux. This is a list of some of those programs. If you want to add an item send the URL and short description to dulsi@identicalsoftware.com.

RHIDE like xwpe was designed to mimic the Borland IDE from version 3.1. It has equivelent compabilities to xwpe except for the lack of an X Windows version. The code is probably cleaner. A djgpp version exists as well. If you don't like xwpe but want a Borland style IDE this is a good program to check out.
A gtk version of xwpe is on my wish list at present. Anjuta is an IDE with the gtk library. It doesn't attempt to mimic the Borland IDE.
KDevelop is a new C++ development environment for Unix/X11. It makes creation and development of GNU Standard applications an easy task even for beginners. Highlights are: Project management, integrated syntax-highlighting editor, generation of frame applications for KDE, Qt and terminal, classbrowser and integrated helpsystem with classreference.
wxWindows is a cross-platform graphics toolkit. A group of wxWindows developers have started to develop an IDE using the toolkit. The screenshots resemble Microsoft Visual Studio but it is still very early in it's development.