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Congratulations with the new release!
The "normal" pointers are a relief and XWPE no longer hangs when I quit the
program in the middle of a debug-session!

Could I already submit my wish-list for #30a?

1: When I close the messages-window (to get rid of all the silly messages),
it automatically pops up when a new messages is sent to that window. I
would prefer the messages window to remain absent as long as I wish it to.
It should only reappear when I ask it to. Software development is more
efficient when the screen is as empty as possible and when next-screen or
former-screen instructions don't have to go by that messages window.

2: Can you make all the confirmation windows optional? E.g. "Really quit
debugger?". Of course I want to quit the debugger, otherwise I wouldn't
have pressed ctrl-F2. Etc.

3: You have modified the syntax of the string that helps finding
error-messages from the compiler. This was necessary since one could not
enter a "carriage-return"-symbol in a field. Still I cannot figure out how
to implement the new methods. At the moment I use the regular Gnu-fortran
(g77) compiler. Even when I set the compiler-style to "gnu", then the
cursor just jumps to the first column of the line containing the error,
though there is column-info in the output provided by the compiler and xwpe
suggests that it would take this into account. Could you make the
default-settings such that in GNU-mode the editor jumps to the column
suggested by the compiler? Or give me the correct message-string for GNU?

When I'll have succeeded in installing my pc at home (still refuses to
boot), I'll try to write some code for (suggestions for) contributions.



Arjan van Dijk
Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Research Utrecht
Faculty of Physics and Astronomy
Utrecht University
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The Netherlands

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