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Re: Xwpe Mouse Icons

Forwarded message from: "Brian K. White" <brian@aljex.com>

> At 04:48 PM 4/28/02 -0400, Dennis Payne wrote:
> > > Another request: can you make an option to eliminate all the silly pointer
> > > icons? Just one icon will do. I always forget if I the hot-spot is in the
> > > skull or in the bones...
> >
> >Does anyone like them?  I was just going to add the ability to remove
> >them but after reading Havoc's article of GUI design:
> >   http://www106.pair.com/rhp/free-software-ui.html
> >It occurs to me that I should find out if anyone likes the pointers or
> >if they should be removed althogether.
> I don't mind them, but I also have the problem of knowing where the pointy
> bit is.  I think the biggest problem with them is the images chosen.  If we
> had a basic arrow with decorations, it might be clearer.  Getting this
> right might be very difficult though; it may just be better to remove them
> entirely.  If we have to err, that situation is far better.
> >Also I'm planning on removing the "File->Add F.-Mng" ability, remove
> >the "On Open: Close File Manager" option and make it always behave that
> >way.  The remaining useless command line options (-nc,-nm, etc.) are
> >potential chopping block victims.
> I was the one who wrote the patch to add that, if I recall, because that's
> the way I wanted it to behave, so it makes things even better for
> me.  :)  I never really figured out what the Add F.Mng thing really
> did...  The metaphor was incomplete.
> >I'm also thinking of merging the X11 and Terminal color options.  That
> >way if you set xwpe to some color scheme wpe automatically uses it. Does
> >anyone like the ability to keep seperate color options?
> Do the colors render the same?  I worry that a color scheme that works
> under X11 might look really bad under Terminal, and vice-versa?  Has anyone
> experimented with this?

I forget if xwpe specifically allows it, but any X app in general should
allow you to fine tune the X colors via app-defaults, so I say go ahead
and treat them the same, and just like in an x-term, if a particular color
doesn't look good in X, tweak it in app-defaults. (or radically change it
in app-defaults for that matter, if you want colors that are nothing like
what is available in a cosole or ordinary terminal emulator.) In the code
you simply refer to "cyan" or "color 3" and you define "cyan" in app
defaults if the default is not acceptable.

I don't like the mouse pointers either. context sensative pointers are an
OK idea in general I guess, which means I guess I just don't like the
particular ones used in xwpe. My vote, in order of desireability, most
desireable first:
1 change the pointers
2 remove the pointers
3 do nothing

been a long time since I touched xwpe... think I'll crank out another SCO
OSR5 binary...

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