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Re: Copy & Paste bug

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On Monday 13 August 2001 09:20 pm, you wrote:
> > If I select the text at the end of a line, copy it then paste it into the
> > middle of a differnet line, all text to the right of the paste gets
> > deleted.
> I have seen problems like this with cut and paste.  Unfortunately I have
> not found a consistent method of reproduction.  Until such time I can't
> really do much about it.

When the copy and paste bug happens I quickly go to the search dialog and see 
the string that I wanted to paste but it has a ^J at the end of it. This ^J 
is I believe the ASCII for \n or 0x0A.

If you could make the copy and paste function look to make sure that the very 
last char in the string to paste is not a \n or a \r. If the last char is 
that then it should remove the last char and do a line insert first if the 
user wanted to paste a full line. But I think this problem really started 
when you make the selection. This bug is really getting on my nerves.
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