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alt-x error solved


I just fixed the bug that I reported some time ago:
In xwpe-1.5.26a pressing alt-x while in a debug-session freezes the program.
I modified the sources (in fact most work was just removing a conditional
compile...). Modified sources can be downloaded from the link
http://www.phys.uu.nl/~vndijk/xwpesrc.tar.gz to my site.

The open invitation to help improve on xwpe still stands. Suggestions are
given in file 'todoeng' in the above-mentioned tar-file.

Somehow the suggested string that I implemented for search/replace/watch is
not fully perfect. I had it running on a different machine and then forgot
to transfer the new source-file to my home-machine... I also forgot what
was modified... Sorry.


Arjan van Dijk
Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Research Utrecht
Faculty of Physics and Astronomy
Utrecht University
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The Netherlands

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