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Re: fpk

> alias "ppc386 -c"="ppc386"
> hehe:)

Won't work.  But it is close the the suggested workaround.  Xwpe assumes
compile and link steps so it doesn't currently integrate well with
languages with only a single step like fpk or java.

From Xwpe FAQ:

* I get an "ERROR: Illegal parameter : -c" message from my compiler.
(Free Pascal, others)

Xwpe assumes that the compiler you are using has an option -c, which
enables multiple source files to be compiled. Some compilers, such as
the Free Pascal compiler do not support this option.

There is a current workaround: write a script which strips out this
parameter from the call. We'd welcome a fix to this; this is a holdover
from the first versions of Xwpe. Also note that the -o option is assumed,
as well.

Dennis Payne