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terrible mouse-pointer & terrible debug-messages

Hi again,

Can someone please remove all the silly shapes of mouse-pointers in XWPE
and leave the regular arrow instead? In debug-mode I allways forget which
point of the skull&bones pictogram is the focal point. It serves no purpose.

Can someone also please implement the possibility to skip all messages like
"starting debugger", "stopping debugger" etcetera. When an error occurs,
the editor in XWPE should just jump to the line and column of the first
error and bring the relevant window to the front. I don't even want to know
that XWPE needs an external debugger to do the break/watch/step tricks. I
only want to see the details of the error-messages.

Therefore I would also like to replace the ctrl-F9/ctrl-F10 dual run
functionality by one single ctrl-F9 stroke, and an option in the
compile-menu to switch between "develop-version" (ctrl-F9 compiles with
debug info) and "release" (ctrl-F9 compiles with no debug-info).



Arjan van Dijk
Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Research Utrecht
Faculty of Physics and Astronomy
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