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Syntax Error: Missing semicolon after 'Brian'

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> ok here is a good one...
> How would I go about creating a syntax def for a file with the following
> format
> every line has 3 fields, seperated by colons
> label : "if" section  : "then" section :
> in either the if or the then sections, a single-quote starts a comment
> which goes from the quote to the next colon.
> lines may be a maximum of 7+1+120+1+120+1 characters long ( the field
> lengths plus the colons.
> the various commands, keywords, and operators of the language I can define
> later.
> I have created syntax defs from scratch in the past (for qbasic) so I'm
> not wholly unfamiliar.
> it would be best if the three fields were each in a different background
> color, while allowing the forground color to go by the words themselves so
> that say, the word "getenv()" is the same foreground color regardless
> which field it appears in.
> it would also be best if the lines either did not wrap at all, or if they
> wrapped at the colons for display only, but were not saved with any
> wrapping other than at the last colon.
> I realise that is a lot and much is probably not feasable to impliment in
> xwpe, but I would settle for disabling wrapping at all in the editor, and
> for simple coloration of the comments and keywords. that much I think it
> can do now, if memory serves.
> oh, also, the file type is recognized by a prefix, not a suffix. "prc.*"
> how has everyone been the last year or so ?
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