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curious reaction of xwpe to mouse or keyboard


I am still very determined on making a properly functioning xwpe on our
Dec-Alpha unix box. To a certain extent it works, but not satisfactorily.
When I start the result of "make" by entering "xwpe" on the commandline, I
get the IDE-window but:

- I close the initial file-browser to start a new file. I try to go to the
"file"-menu. It does not want to open. Only some menus want to open: Edit,
and Run. Only when I 'activate' the whole menu via one of these two items
(click on 'Edit' and while the edit-menu choices are shown I click on
"file"), then the other items are accessible too.

- To get a character in the editor I have to press the keys three times and
sometimes just twice or I get funny characters.

Any idea how to solve these problems?



Arjan van Dijk
Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Research Utrecht
Faculty of Physics and Astronomy
Utrecht University
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The Netherlands

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