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getting watches in Fortran (and Pascal?)


1 solution:

Yesterday I reported a problem with Fortran code in Xwpe on a Dec Alpha
(but the problem is probably more general than just for Dec systems): the
watches which were set did not show values. Today I managed to eliminate
most problems. By invoking "g77" (the GNU compiler which makes intermediate
c-source) instead of "f77" (a native Fortran compiler) the gdb-debugger
recognizes the code and returns the correct values to the watches which
were set in the watches window.

1 problem:

Unfortunately I still cannot make an operational combination of Xwpe + f77
+ xdb. On our system xdb is the most widely used debugger in combination
with the f77 compiler (in fact it is an f90 compiler). The Xwpe-program
freezes when I try to debug my 10-lines test-program and I have to kill the
whole thing before I can proceed. Any suggestions for a solution?


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